Goodbye Gibraltar

Eventhough all the waiting was hard sometimes, we appreciate to have got the chance to learn more about this special place – Gibraltar. Theory of the Gibraltar Cloud Machine Every time you lift your vision to the sky, there is a big cloud hovering over the city of Gibraltar. But once you look accross the boarder…

Another bubbly day in Gibraltar

When you feel angry or sad, go make some bubbles and be happy instead 😉         “So much bad luck does not fit on a cowskin!”, a German would say.

First day as Street Artists – making Super Bubbles

Once the first bubbles fly in the air all doubts are forgotten. It is so much fun to try and create beautifull shimmering soap shapes. Each one is unique!

“Woaow! Look – they are making BUBBLES!!”, an excited kid shouts through the

Boathikers´ Squat -Life in an abandoned Building

Many travellers come to Gibraltar. They hitchhike, perform arts in the streets and live on a low budget. Everybody is carrying different experiences, beliefs and ideas which they share with people on their ways. One thing all have in common, is the appreciation of simple life and exchange through an open heart: “Take what is…

Cuba Crew – We will sail!

One day walking around, looking for boats in the harbour named “Marina Bay”, a guy walked straight up to us and asked  if we were travellers looking for a boat?! It was Terry, Captain of the “Common Sense”. He was searching a crew for sailing to the Canary Islands and crossing the Atlantic to try…

Rock ´n´ Hike

We met some really nice guys from norway: Lars Ola and Jon. We had a lot of fun hiking up the Gibraltar Rock searching caves and chilling with the crazy monkeys 🙂

Kicked out the Garden

Waking up this morning, a man stood right next to our hamock. He just said: “You can´t be here” in a very British voice. Not even knowing who this strange guy was, we packed our stuff and left the park right away. After this shock and the notice that we would have to find a…

Pirate Party – Halloween

 We had a great time couchsurfing at Christians place during Halloween 🙂 Christian is a deep, interesting and very welcoming host. Staying with him we met Brennen (Capt´n Starkbard) from Evergreen Colorado who likes to get lost. Check out Capt´n Starkbards Travelblog:  Goandgetlost!

Locked in the Garden

Somebody told us that one old cannon bunker on the Rock would be a great place for putting up a hamock. But it´s supposedly hard to find. Climbing up the hill with our heavy backpacks we ran into a closed gate. “Oh no”, we had to walk all the way back trying to find an…

Welcome to the UK

Arriving in Gibraltar at night we barely made it across the border. Luckily we shortly found a safe hang spot for our hamock. Not being able to walk another step we fell asleep instandly! Having traveled through the dangerous parts of Spain we feel like in a Security Heaven. It is so funny when you…