What happened before..

Preparation week – Grote Holt

Finished with the first steps of our educations we dreamed of taking some time and explore the world.

Merle Marie (25) achieved her Master of Education which she needs to become a teacher for kids with special needs and Johannes (23) is a trained Carpenter now.

Good conditions for travelling 🙂

Time for Traveling – Only Agin (dog) has to stay watching home 😛

My lovely sister Paula (20, right on photo) completed school and booked a one way ticket to Western Australia.

First try. We drove down the Atlantic coast with every surfboard we got. A caravane of three busses should be our new home. It was a great time packed with surf, skate and kite action. The conditions were incshredible. Clean waves, sunny days and chilled nights.

Atlantic Surf Caravane

On the way to La Torche suddenly the engine of our bus broke down. What a bummer!

His last trip :’-(

 A wild frenchman pulled the bus to the next gerage in the middle of the night.

Atlantic Caravane ending in La Torche

We continued the way, surfed the wave and decided to travel back to Germany in the rental car we were given. We would wait for our injured bus to be brought back by the ADAC collection transport. Three weeks was the transport supposed to take – what are we gonna do in this time? Sit around and wait?? – No way!

Hit the road again!

We came up with a new idea. Let’s travel around the Baltic Sea,  by motorbike. Get some new tires on, pack the best and leave the rest. Two waterproof bags, a camping mat and a daypack had to be enough. No more space on the bike.

Impressions – Baltic Sea

Having met wonderfull people, seen beautifull landscapes and experienced motorcycling in the countries of the Baltic Sea, we drove back home.

But this just for a last short pit stop. My good old bus, loyal compagnion and home for the last 3 years, arrived.

At home again

I cleaned him out, lifted him up to rest on wooden blocks and thanked him for the great adventures we experienced together. There he sits now, waiting for the day when he becomes alive again 🙂

On Monday the 17th of October, carrying nothing but our backpacks, we left the town. Hitchhiking direction: South!


“Let´s hitchhike to Panama”