Friends for Life – Sahagún es la Ver**!

Arriving late in this town I meet Luis, selling the best empanadas I ever ate. His sister Olga, girlfriend Cinthya and friend Carlos hang out infront of his house. Extremely interested they beginn to ask me thousands of questions about Germany, my life and my travel. They tell me that rarely any foreigners arrive in this town far away from everything. Offering me to sleep in his house and to take me on his work, Carlos convinces me to stay another day in Sahagún.

Carlos works for a payday loan business and visits many households all over the town every day to collect the fees. From the back of his motor bike I get to see every corner of the town and we meet many nice people. During our tour he teaches me Spanish phrases which turn out to be useful to make people laugh. From now on I am forced to speak and practice Spanish because it is the only spoken language here in the countryside. Luckily my new friends are very patient and repeat the new words many times until I understand.

It’s Saturday and everybody in town gets ready to go out at night. Fresh, chic clothes are obligatory. Luis gives me one of his shirts and Carlos takes me home to let me shower while his girlfriend Maria cooks a delicious meal for us all. We meet at the gas station and drive, like everybody, many rounds through town before we finally enter the first fiesta. Here shots of the rum “Medellín” with oranges and wáter afterwards are first choice. The dancefloor is full! People move their bodys elegantly to Salsa, Reggaetón, Bachata and the typical dances of the Colombian Coastal región: Bajanato and Champeta. Wildly performed Sexmoves are characteristic of the Champeta dance. The often times completely exagerated moves look rather funny than sensual.

With other “Parceros” (how friends are called here) together we walk over to another club until they close at 3:00. We let the fiesta night fade out in a street where loud reggaetón music is played in the back of a car.


Muchas Gracias por la hospitalidad y los momentos únicos, parceros! 🙂

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