From the Sea into the Mountains – Hitchhiking in Colombia

Hurricane season’s about to start and my Caribbean Life is over – no more “Boathiking”. Most of the sailboats are brought to so called safe “Hurricane Holes” in Guatemala, Panama or Colombia for the months July – October.

So far I hitchhiked from my hometown in Northern Germany to Cartagena in Colombia. 8 months of waiting along the roads for a car, truck or horse to stop and working for my voyage on different boats. I always wanted to find out how far my feet would take me!?

In hindsight, it was not the easiest way and sometimes quite challenging to get along with people who think very differently, especially on the boats. As a “Boathiker”, as they call it in the harbours, I got to know leading styles of different captains, learned to define my role on a boat and as a worker. Even though this way of travelling didn’t cost me any money it did cost a lot of energy.  To adapt, work on myself and stay focused on the common goal of the trip itself pushed me to new insights. I am grateful for the good as well for the bad experiences and want to thank all the people who let me learn more about them and myself.

Having started my long trip with the idea of only hitchhiking all the way around the world, this travel frees my mind from these dogmatic thoughts. More and more I understand that this fictional goal is more about proving something to my ego than benefitting my real I, nor anybody. There really is no reason for me to force my way around when my inner intention is to smoothly move on, go with the flow and stay as long as I like. Getting to know special places deeply rather than “doing” one tourist attraction after the next, is the style of travelling I enjoy. It’s impossible to see everything at once and time is just too valuable to rush!

At this point I am a lot more relaxed, I’ll try to hitchhike but if it doesn’t work I don’t feel bad anymore to take the bus. Crossing the next big ocean on a sailboat would sure be another cool experience. But after having crossed the Atlantic, I prefer to spend the 6 weeks the Pacific would take, somewhere else than on a small boat surrounded by water. I declined the offer of a lovely couple to sail with them to New Zealand. I just arrived to South America and am excited to get to know it without rushing through this interesting continent.

Since Captain Luigi put his boat on a drydock in Cartagena and I am now free to move on alone. I pack my stuff and start walking on land again. A different way of travel after such a long time on sailboats.

Hitchhiking to Medellin:

The first one to pick me up is a transporter for food. Two friendly guys are on the way to pick up yuca from various fields and sell it in the city. Of course I take this opportunity to drive to these little towns and help them load the freshly harvested crop.



The next one is a rice truck in which I have the honour to travel. We arrive in Sahagun where a huge rice collection silo is located. Many other trucks bring their grains here.



It is about to get dark once I arrive in Sahagun. When I start to explore the town I meet some incredible people..

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