Last Miles to Panama

A new sailing adventure beginns on the beautifull island Providencia. Sleeping on the beach at night – hanging out in the hostel-restaurant – one day I meet Luigi philosophying over his coffee.

The Italian captain wants to sail with me, his German first mate, in his small Danish Sagitta 30, under the American flag, from this Colombian island to Panama. What an international combination!

It is fun and very relaxed to sail with Luigi (54). He is a captain who doesnt only respects and trusts, but also treats me on an equal level as a friend. My opinion matters and he lets me do everything without doubts in my ability. It feels good to be given responsibility, especially after the experience on the last boat. We work together as a team, joke around and plan adventures for our arrival in the “new world”. Both of us would love to explore the wild parts of Panamenian jungle and get to know the native indians living there.


3 days to Panama – or 5 or 4? We keep on guessing while the wind plays his game “on and off”. Time for fishing Tuna, swimming with Dolphins and some boat pulling before breakfast – rrrh 😀


No wind, no windvane. We have to fire up the engine. Handsteering the vessel against a strong current we take our turns during day and night.

It is 4:20 in the morning. I am on. The water is dark and the moon shimmers through the cirro clouds of the stratosphere. His reflection on the surface leads our way SW. Land rises to the bow while the horizon lights behind my back. Dark, massive mountains contrast the light blue sky ahead. “Yuhu, this must be Panama!”, buzzes my mind in this magic moment.
Big tankers cross our way heading out towards Europe from the entrence of the canal. I take the hand held radio for the case I needed to call them. An unexspected breeze of warm air strikes my beard. The boat begins to heel. I furl out the genoa, set the Aries windvane and relax. Consistent 10 to 12 knots on a close reach push the overrigged little sailboat with 4.5 knots along the street of the moon. Totally stoked by this great sailing I lean back and enjoy the sound of waves crushing against the hull.

“Flatshh” – I turn around. A little dolphin jumps happily through the water alongside the boat. As if he wanted to show us the way – he accompanies us for the last few miles to Panama.


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