Carribean Island Providencia

This cute little island is a jewel of the Carribeans.  Blue, clear water and white beaches surround Providencia. Only 5000 people live here. Politically it belongs to Colombia even though it lays much closer to Nicaragua.


A huge, quite ok protected anchoring bay is located in the north-west. It is easy to sail in but make sure to anchor without blocking the channel for the ferrys from San Andres which arrive every day. Customs and immigration is handled by an agent named Mr. Bush. His office is in walking distance to the dinghy dock. It’s easy to ask for directions because everybody knows him.

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Around 1670 the famous Pirate Captn Henry Morgan used this island as a base for his raids on the Spanish Empire. Supposedly some of his treasures are still hidden in the numerous caves. Remarkable mountains are named after him. One is called Morgans Head and the other one Morgans Ass.

It is possible to rent a scooter and take the road along the coast. Driving all the way around takes less than an hour.

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