Eat and drink in Cuba

In Cuba you have the choice to pay for the exspensive “tourist food” ,which is not necessarily better, or the cheap food the Cubans eat. Always ask for the price before eating. Look at the menus, because the places for Cubans set their prices in Cup. It is usefull to exchange some “tourist money” (CUC) for Cuban Pesos (CUP).


Secret tips to eat good, cheap and a lot in Cuba:

Dona Lisa

Calle Jesus Maria (between Compostella & Habana)

Habana Vieja

Pizzeria open all the time (Handpizza for 40 cents)

Monte 9B (between Economia & Agramonte)

Habana Central


Cuban restaurant – good food, cheap prices

At the corner of Brazil & Bernaza (Parque Cristo)

Go upstairs in order to find the restaurant and ask for the Cuban menu

Habana Vieja

Taverna to drink cheap locally brewed beer icecold from the tap

Castillo Aguacate

Aguacate (between Sol & Muralla)


Castillo Aguacate – There are a couple of these places in Habana. Dont go with too many people at once because the beer is limited. When empty -> they close.

Iceream Copelia – very cheap icecream sponsored by the government

The disadvantage is that you have to wait in line for a long time (ca. 1 hour)

Most of the big cities have a “Copelia”



Simple, tasty and very cheap omeletes in bread and hamburgers (10 cents):

Cafeteria “El Recreo”

At the corner of El Malecon and the Parque Vidal

Santa Clara, Center


Coconut trees grow everywhere in Cuba are for everyone and all good to eat (no fake coconuts like in some other countries). Cut carefully a whole in the top, mix the coconut water with rum and brown sugar for a tasty cocktail.


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