CubAmigos – Close Friends in Cuba

Many people here opened their homes and hearts for me and we became very close friends. I cant put it in words how friendly and welcoming People are here!

It is about one month ago when I moved to Habana. There is so much to do, to see and to experience. Not only learning to dance salsa in the clubs, at familys homes, the beachwalk “Malecon”, but also practicing Capoeira, skating through the city and hanging out in the parks with the Afrocubanos. There is always something going on..

This is the closed hostel where Nego, Manduka and Anchora work and live. It was closed by the government because Salome, a french woman, left the hostel in charge of the neighbour while she had to go back to France. The neighbour did not report every guest to the government and stole a lot of money. (Passport numbers have to be registered for every day tourists are staying in a Cuban casa) Hopefully the hostel will open again soon.

Everybody is welcome in this house and there is always some fiesta going on. We cooked together, danced, played games and drank Mojitos.

Capoeira – the Brasilian Fight which looks like a dance when being practiced. This is priority No 1 in the life of Nego, Mauro and many others in Cuba. Fighters of the network Simplesmente Capoeira compete in international events.  Nego is a teacher and trains his own group. He took me with him and I learned my first capoeira moves.


Many evenings we went to the Malecon, the famous walkway along the coast of Habana. People from everywhere come here to spend time together dancing, talking and hanging out with friends.

Now it is time for me to move on and after these great last weeks, it is really heard to leave. I will miss my friends here and want to come back some day! Staying in one place and getting to know the people very well gave me a lot of insight into their lifes. This way of travelling appears to be much deeper and I prefer it over “doing” the main tourist attractions.


It is really hard to leave. Mauro and I decided to travel together through Cuba. Tomorow! Everything is prepared and we are ready to leave. Somebody reminds us that the next day is Negos birthday.

Ahh.. we cant leave!

We´ll leave the next day.. ok.. or the day after the next day.. or one day later…


Finally, after a lot of Fiesta and 3 days later, we leave Habana.



Together with another traveller from Germany, Richard, who also wants to experience the Cuban way of travelling we head towards the Camion Station – going east anywhere!


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