A Letter from Germany and the Cuban Post

The letter, containing the new credit card, has been sent off in a German post office  four weeks ago. Many stories tell unreliable things about the Cuban Post System and claim that some sendings never arrive. So where is mine?

I start the quest in the Ministerio de Comunicationes. A nice lady prints out the whole history showing the exact dates and places the letter has been at. Even the number of the sack the letter must be in was registered. Impressed by this detailed information hope rises in my face and I travell to the post office in Santa Fe right away.

The post office in Santa Fe

In the office it takes a while to communicate what I was looking for. It would surely help to learn some more Spanish. Using hands and feet we finally understand each other. In this moment the letter must be in the bag of post courier Martin. A quick phone call and he would wait for me in the bar of Marina Hemingway. Excitedly I hurry to the bar where everybody knows Martin. He held onto the letter, looking for me every day since a week but didn’t walk up the long way to the Marina Office. After having to show my passport he hands it over and I order beers for us.

I am so happy for this trouble to be over!

Thinking about every Peso I spent tought me to get around with even less money the last four weeks. Although I am liquid again now, I´ll spend the money I saved wisely, to travel as far as possible. If I run out I´ll work again.

What I also learned is, the Cuban Post is not as bad as what people say. Still, next time I would rather try DHL-Express to send something because I found many DHL shops spread out around Habana.

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