Goodbye Common Sense

Arriving back at the Common Sense after travelling around Cuba for two weeks feels a bit like coming home. Carol and Terry had also travelled around and we have  a lot to talk about. I leave my backpack on the boat and hang the hammock in a tree right next to it. I feel very safe here in the Marina as there are friendly security guards strolling around all day and night.

My letter still hasn’t arrived. The dockmaster promissed to call me right away once the letter arrives. He keeps a note with the number of Hostal Mango in his wallet. It has become the center point  of all my expeditions. For Common Sense it is time to continue her last travel to florida. Winds are favourable and I after a last breakfast together I have to say goodbye to Carol and Terry. It is strange to see them sail away after such a long time living on the boat together. All I can do is follow their adventures on their blog. But I also have the feeling we’ll see each other again some day somewhere in this small world.

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