The World is a Town

One Saturday we watch the Capoeira presentation of out friend Mauro (22) at the Plaza Vieja. We´ve met him a couple days earlyer in a little casa where a family lives, cooks food for locals and sells cheap beer. He is originally from Angola, lives in Habana since 3 years and studys law at the university.


Sitting on the ground, eating an icecream out of a coconut shell some German tourists come up to us and ask if we could change some Euros because they could ot find a working ATM. Once one of the guys said he came from Hamburg, Merle jumped up and said: “Are you Seehund?”. Yes, they knew each other from many partys and he is a good friend of Merles brother. What a tiny world!

Having some rum in the park

We hung out with them and went to our favorite little local bar. For the next day Seehund, Martin, Alex und Anna had the idea to go to the beach. Merle, I and our friend Mauro joined them and a really interesting travel to Guanabo began.

Firstly we took a ferry to Casablanca, the other side of the Bay of Havana.

Gib eine Beschriftung ein

Then we walked to the next trainstation where the “Hershey Train” was supposed to leave. This complete electric driven train was build by the American chocolate manufacturer “Hersheys” many years ago and is a real adventure to take nowadays.

We waited quite long until some locals told us to walk to the next station with them. Walking on the rail road track suddenly out of nowhere, a train appeared behind us. The locals showed us how to wave wild hand signals and the train stopped right infront of us, on the track somewhere between the stations. We jumped on and were fascinated by the old wagon.

The ride was bumpy and sometimes a lack of electricity would make us stop but the driver managed to keep us going, staying on the curvy track.


We got of the train, started walking towards the beach and a bus came up going our direction. Again we stopped it waving in the middle of the road.


Finally arrived we enjoyed a realxing day with swimming in clear blue water, hunting fish with a selfmade speergun (at least trying) and practiced all kinds of acrobatics at the beach.

Before it got dark Mauro showed us his favourite place. A little island of trees right at the beach. We were stoked. Rapidly we hung up our hammocks, ate some coconut Anna had found and cracked open at the beach and made a fire to grill the fish we bought of a fisherman. The meal was delicious and the rum also tasted really good in this beautifull place of Cuba.

Right after we finished eating, a car stopped on the road next to us. It was the police. They talked to us in a very friendly way, told us that we couldn´t have a fire here and that we cant stay because it would be to dangerous for us here at night. Offering us an alternative place, we didn´t really have a chance to say no. So we set up our hammocks in the fenced frontlawn of and empty building next to the beach supervisor who calls himself “Super Mario”. This funny guy stayed up all night, drinking sugar with coffee and listening to his noisy radio.

We were not quite sure what this whole procedure was about?! Is it kind of a control and responsibility issue? Or might it have been a try to make some money? Maybe Mario was the one who called the police. Who knows?..

We got bit by many moscitos, slept somewhat ok and had to leave our cage early in the morning when the next watchmen arrived and Mario went home.

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  1. David and Jennifer goss says:

    Seems like you are having a wonderful adventure. Was great to meet you in Lanzerote and meet with Terry and his boat. Perhaps we will hear if he sells it ok. Have fun!


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