S*** happens

I lost my credit card in an ATM on Tortola. We just took out some money for drinks before going out and I still dont know if the card got eaten by the machine or if I just forgot to take it out. But anyway I didnt realize it at the moment.

In the morning I couldn’t find my card and we walked over to the bank in order to ask if somebody had found my main cashconnection?!

What we saw was a closed bank with a huge whole in the window and police everywhere. Somebody had driven a car into the bank a few minutes earlier.
“Come back on Monday”, is what the bank manager told us. Wow, the boat was ready and we had to leave within an hour.


So I blocked the card on the internet, ordered a new one to Germany and asked my parents to send it to Marina Hemingway in Cuba. Committed to this idea I would just have to stay around Habana and survive with less money until the letter arrives. Sounds ok to me, there are probably worse places to be stuck in the world..

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