Foodstop in the Caribbeans – Tortola

Four weeks on the sea – an exhausting and amazing journey. Craving for sleep, fresh food and a cold beer we finally arrive in Road Town, Tortola a harbour bay in the British Virgin Islands. We have to stop here because we almost ran out of food. The crossing took longer than we had exspected!

“What a great feeling to step on land again and to talk to other people”

After having filled up the fuel, getting rid of all the plastic waste we collected during the last month and reloading the boat with a lot of fresh caribbean fruits, vegetables, rice, flour and cereal, we enjoy an icecold Carib beer in the harbour bar. The boat is ready for the next part of the trip – the passage to Cuba.

A little bit of time is left to explore the Island Tortola. The light backpack holds a hamock, swim trunks, a sleeping bag and off we go. A cap driver of a charming, shitty, old car who is called “Freeman” takes us to Cane Garden Bay on the other side of the island. The paradiselike beach – which could easyly be on a postcard – tells us that we reached the Caribbean! 🙂

A short swim, an icecream and we had enough of this luxury beachlife. Some people told us about the famous “Bombas Surf Shack” located in the nearby “Apple Bay”.

“Let´s hit the road again!”

We start walking on the narrow road which leads around the mountains on the coast. A beautifull view of the bays accompanies us. Our thumbs stretched out on the street, one of the few cars stops and takes us all the way to Bombas Surf Shack. From far away we can already get a glimpse of the glassy waves breaking on the reef infront. A few minutes later, a quite drunk guy called Guacumba offers us one of his boards for rent. We surf and relax on the beach until the sun hits the sea.


Even though this island seems to be an exspensive “Rich Mans Playground” there is a lot more to it. The beautifull landscape, relaxed people and the freedom of feeling save make the stay here very pleasent. We slept in our hamock right at the beach and hitchhiked back to the boat on the next day.


Totally relaxed, slaloming through charter-catamaran-swarms between the islands, we let the British Virgins behind us and get back on track to Cuba.

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