Ahoi Atlantic – Cuba – Here we Come!

Despite the great life here in Las Palmas, let’s not forget: we are about to cross the Atlantic. Common Sense is finally tied to a pier in the largest marina of the Canary Islands (1250 boats) and a new crew member arrived. Theo (27) comes from Cornwall in England, not only a very kind guy but also an enrichment for our boatlife in many ways. We started some very interesting discussions about food and politics which may shorten the time on the sea. Three left wing hippies against one right anarchist 😀

Working off the jobs on the todo-list, we get closer to our departure step by step. Declogging a valve of the shower drain outlet, discovering the leak of the waste tank under our bed (it literally smelled like s***), defrosting the fridge and climbing in the mast are things which need to be done.


The date is coming closer and closer. We have to think about provisioning. What are we going to buy? How much do we need for a whole month out on the ocean and where are we going to store all that?


Carol designed a list of food which lasts long, is easy to make in a shaking kitchen and doesn’t waste much gas cooking. We still spend two hours walking through the local supermarket “Hyper Dino” to pick everything out of the shelves which will be delivered to the boat later. Filling up every free spot on the boat with 400,- worth of food, it sinks deeper in the water.

It´s time to set sails now!

Weather looks fine and we got everything done. Heading straight towards Cuba without any stops planned. It is probably going to take about 25 – 28 days till we see the land. We heard from our Canarien friend Fefo that Cuba doesnt have wifi, so we say Goodbye for quite a while.

See you  😉

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  1. jen.goss says:

    Bonus chance from Dave and jenny in lanzarote thinking of you all.

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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