Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – El Punto de la Vida Amable

This City is amazing – it’s a place to live!

We fell in love with this wonderfull island, the smiles of the people and the freedom of opportunities. Life’s quality is great. Many people here know, feel and show it. Everybody seems to be happy, very friendly and open minded. The Sun is shining, the beautiful nature surrounds us and there is always something going on in the half-a-million- city, Las Palmas 🙂

No matter if you like to go surfing at the city beach, climbing in the mountains or joining a run along the coast while being refreshed by a slight summer breeze -You still have the options of delicious food, localy brewed cerveza and interesting history to stick your nose into. 

Hitchhiking back from the airport, we meet Fefo (27) and Rita (26). She just arrived from Budhapest. Since they had planned some daytrips to see more of Gran Canaria, he invites us to come with them. He tells us many stories about Cuba while he drives around his secret spots of the island. Firstly we visit Agaete, a town on the north shore, see natural lava rock swimming pools and drink a Tropical while the sun disappears in the sea. Enjoying the beach and playing around in the dunes of Maspalomas filled another sunny day.


Thinking about home, the cold and dark North of Germany  and how we stuck this guidepost in the garden three months ago, we could never have imagined that our way would really lead us to Las Palmas.




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