Dinghy Trips

Laying anchored in the bay, we have to use the inflatable dinghy to get everywhere. To buy food, talk to the marina office or wonder around Las Palmas. We rowed many times to the beach and just pulled the little boat up far enough so the high tide could not get it. This is a lot of fun and brought us some wet shoes the first trys.

A couple times we also put on the outboard motor to drive straight into the marina. On the way skippers of other boats hitchhiked and asked us to take them along in our dinghy. Two guys from Croatia spent us a beer in the bar later.


..coming back at night


Later in the marina we met Josef from Hungary in his ocean row boat. He rowed with his pure manpower from Portugal to Gran Canaria in 40 days. The boat will be taken out of the water and he waits for the next season to cross the Atlantic in it. Depending on wind and waves he estimates around 60 days to cross the ocean. What an amazing adventure!!


Joseph on his SPARTAN row boat


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