Exploring Lanzarote

There is no better way than hitchhiking around Lanzarote! It´s surprisingly easy and you meet awesome people, like always 😉

Andrew, the musician from London, sees our guitar, stopps his car and offers us a ride only if we let him play one of his songs. It turned out to be a fair deal 🙂

Check out the music of Tripwolfe


Arriving in the marina and the town built for tourism, Playa Blanca, at the southern end, we exspect the worst. First everything looked just grey and dry to us (eventhough it had rained the weeks before and locals told us that the Lanzarote has never been as green before). We thought it is boring that all the houses are white, windows and doors are wooden or plainly painted and they are all about the same size. But then we were told, that this is due to strong architectural restrictions made by the famous artist, environmentalist and politician Cesar Manrique (1919-1992), in order to preserve the nature of the island. Today there  is only one big hotel in the capital Arrecife and many parts of the island kept their authentic athmosphere.

As soon as we discover more of this island, adapt our visions to the special lighting and the natural colors which create a special beauty of this splace, we start to love it.


Preparing for the big trip – there are still many jobs to do on and around the boat before we can cross the Atlantic. Repairing a mast light, cleaning the fuel filters, sanding and revarnishing the teak wook doors, replacing the macerator pump and filling up the spare water cans etc. – just to give some examples.



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