El Quemao – Surfing Europes Pipeline

The wave, “El Quemao” in La Santa, Lanzarote looks scary but amazing at the same time! A steep wall of water is breaking on the reef infront of the lava rocks. It is known as the Pipeline of Europe cause it forms a tube like the world famous wave on Hawaiis Northshore, when the conditions are right.

Adding on to the strongest localism known at this break, very few surfers dare to give this wave a try. We talked to experienced and very good surfers who would surf any wave but El Quemao on a big day.

What you need, is a special technique: “It is not enough, surviving the gigantic drop and kicking the bottom turn. You gotta stay low, getting locked in the tube before you get out through the waves opening eye”, Jacob (45) the experienced surf instructor explains in a power of the ocean respecting way.

You better make it! It´s about confidence and commitment. Otherwise you´ll get smashed on the reef by tons of scourging liquid.

We only saw one board break in half, but many perfect waves sliced by the best surfers in the world 🙂

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  1. El Don Julez says:

    Ihr glaubt gar nicht wie gern ich jetzt bei euch wäre, freu mich schon auf unsere Reunion 😀


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