First Ocean Impressions

Our first approach to the Atlantic. The first miles out in the open sea.
Sailing is fascinating. Getting pushed by the natural force of wind, we glide over the blue ocean.

When the sun disappears behind the horizon, we start shifting the night watch.
Every three hours we switch. Always, there got to be someone looking out for boats crossing our way. Along Moroccos coast there are big cargo ships which show up on the radar and many little, unnotified fishing vessels which you can spot just before you ran into them. Sometimes it becomes hard to stay awake during the night, but the famous British “Typhoo” Black Tea and magic moments awake us, until the sun rises again behind the blue.

Far out at sea, in the middle of the night, little micro organisms light up when the boat cuts the water. Many small fluorescent sparks glow in the dark. The oceans silence is omniscient. Surrounded by a huge mass of water as far as I can see, I hear a ticking noise from somewhere between the waves. Then a splashing – a snort and a blow. Suddenly a white torpedo shoots through the liquid right next to the boat. Another one and two more crossing each other back and forth. It´s a dolphin family! Playing in the pressure waves of the boats hull they jump, breaking the calm surface like airows. Flying in a perfectly shaped arc before disappearing in the incredible depths of the ocean.

I am left alone, sitting in silence of the sea with millions of stars covering the aura of our earth. One magic moment!



As we left the save harbour of Gibraltar in stormy weather, we made the last passage to the Marina Rubicon on the southern tip of Lanzarote. Up to 40 knots of wind, several meters of swell and behind the helm a Captain who knows exactly how to cope with this. Just before we reach the harbour the engine control shows a failure. The motor shuts off. Under sails we reach the entrence of the marina and contact the office in order to get some help entering. Sailing, drifting back and forth infront of the wavebreakers and the rocky shore we wait for the marina crew to arrive in their small motorboat. We throw them a rope and they tow us in. Once we filled up the gas, changed the fuel filter and ate some fried potatoes to calm down, the motor works again.

Now we lay snug in a berth  with the sun shining every day 🙂

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