Christmas in a Fishing Harbour

The wind settled down and the engine noise broke into the quiet sea. We needed to get some more fuel, so we stopped in a small fishing harbour of the Moroccan coast in El Jadida. There was only one spot where the water is deep enough for our boat at low tide. After maneuvering away small fishing boats we were safely moored onto the pier.


It is different to have, respectively not to have Christmas in a mostly muslim country. We did not wear our Christmas hats and we didnt cut down one of their palm trees to decorate it with glidder tinsels 😛

Instead we met the fisher Mohammed who invited us to have a tea with him and showed us pictures of the Calamaris he caught. He told us about his daughter studying medicine, his son working as a chef and that Morocco has changed a lot in the past decades. Happy to live in a peacefull, developing state with people being open minded towards foreigners, he asked me if I would like to come fishing with him. The sea was calm, he goes out in his little boat and stays on the ocean over night. A little generator gives power to big lamps which attract the calamaris to the surface. He also has a little grill onboard where he cooks fish, mint tea and coffee. I would have loved to experience it myself but we had to leave very early in the next morning.

Eventhough we had a great time exploring the town with Terry, we missed our families back in Germany. Our little Christmas reminder was the gingerbread (Lebkuchen) we had found in a “Lidl” supermarket in Spain. Delicious taste of home 🙂

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