Just across the street


No way out – we cannot fight against the strong winds and currents in the Street of Gibraltar! Ceutas protected harbour will give us shelter while waiting for weathers to change.

It is our only chance! The pursuit of open minded, tolerant and free lands – the opportunity to a better life – the EU!

This is not about us. Thousands of refugees sit around the boarder between Morocco and the Spanish exclave Ceuta, waiting for their chance to escape violence, discrimination and dictatorship in the countries of their lost homes.

Crossing the boarder the guards made us walk along a wall. About 40 women standing tightly pressed onto the cold stone. Screaming, yelling and crying. We felt their fear, even though we didnt know what was going on. A police man told us to walk by fast, no photos and “take care” in a worried voice.


There is not one easy solution and we dont know the one answer for the question “how can we help?”. But what we all can do, is to inform ourselves and to talk about it! Building your own opinion and making positive decisions change the world now. Trying to understand how people feel when they have to leave their families, friends, their homes. Being more patient with foreigners learning new languages and adapting to a totally different culture while hoping for political winds to change positively. Let’s keep in mind what some people have been through and what we would do, if we were unluckyly born on a dangerous, violent spot of our planet?!

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