Goodbye Gibraltar

Eventhough all the waiting was hard sometimes, we appreciate to have got the chance to learn more about this special place – Gibraltar.

This was our home for more than 6 weeks

Theory of the Gibraltar Cloud Machine

Every time you lift your vision to the sky, there is a big cloud hovering over the city of Gibraltar. But once you look accross the boarder and the sun shines brightly on the Spanish mainland. This sure is a mysterious phenomena! We belief there must be a secretly hidden Cloud Machine somewhere on the Rock 😛 Sometimes it looks like the steam is coming right down the Rocks top, forming one huge pile of condensed water, covering the streets in shade. Maybe British citizens feel more comfortable, just like at home in England, when the sky is cloudy while having a cup of tea 😀

Some people reckon the Rock itself creates a local weather, like many places in the Mediteranean, but we´ll stick to our theory 😉

The Squat is closed! One morning travellers storm into the Nazareth House, being all excited about things going on in the Squad. Just one day earlier, a guy from Poland climbed on the roof in order to close a whole, where rain was dripping through. Maybe somebody saw this and called the police. Well, the police told everybody to leave and let them pack their stuff before they placed a lock on the door.

Life goes on – two people travelled to Spain, two booked flights to Tenerife, Kajetan found a boat right after he left and Simon (31) moved into a Bunker nearby, where he plans to spend the winter.

Often times people asked us why we were still waiting and why we didnt just look for another boat?! We would easyly be in the Carribeans by now..

Maybe, maybe not – We dont know one exact reason why we got stuck on this boat for so long but in the end it was the sum of many things keeping us here. On one hand we really like our Captn and we didnt want to let him down. On another hand, something happened all the time which reminded us why we are here right now. Today we went to the Methodist Church and the pastors whife gave us a guitar. What a great Christmas present! We are glad to have met very nice people, great places and to have seen how many travellers found boats taking them out on the Atlantik. Some of them we will meet again in the Canaries, where we will have a good reason to celebrate then 🙂



Now we are happy to finally set sails, let Rain and Rock behind us, looking forward to meet new people. Hoping for the sun to darken our skins again (from the tan we picked up on the way through Spain is not much left :P), we cant wait to jump into the next adventure!




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