Another bubbly day in Gibraltar

When you feel angry or sad, go make some bubbles and be happy instead 😉





“So much bad luck does not fit on a cowskin!”, a German would say.

Assuming every other day to be the last – waiting six weeks for the complete gearbox to arrive, finally the mechanics whife flew to England and got the gearbox herself. Excited about leaving soon, we started to prepare the boat and went shopping the 5 day trip to the Canaries. But then – the new gearbox didn’t fit. The mechanics had to repair the old one.

Now we only need the right weather – but of course there is a storm out on the Atlantik and we are waiting again…

Today we let go off the lines. Going out for a testrun. Suddenly an accident happens. Our Captain Terry squishes two fingers inbetween a tightening line and the cleat. Blood splashes everywhere! Immediately we moor the boat on the pier. Terry stays calm. The Ambulance arrives quickly and takes him to hospital.

Visiting him in the hospital he is already joking around. Part of his fingertip fell in the water and the bone is broken but he claims: “I´ll be alright”. Then he starts telling us about many severe accidents he had survived throughout his quite dangerous life.

Hopefully we can write about some better news in the next post!

We wish all of you a delightfull Christmas time 🙂

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