First day as Street Artists – making Super Bubbles

Yes, we are still in Gibraltar – waiting for the new gearbox to arrive. It has been sent from the Netherlands to England in order to avoid paying tax. There it was loaded in a truck heading to Gibraltar. But it still had to pass Spain! It got checked in Madrid, once again in Sevilla – and they took their time.. Finally it went through the British customs and one packet arrived. But what was in there?  Only half of the gearbox! Where is the other part???

Anyways, we’re stuck on this island – trying to make the best out of it 😉

Our polish friend Kajetan (20), we have met in the Squat, teaches us how to mix a secret soap serum for very strong Super-Bubbles.

Now we only need to built bubble sticks to become bubblemakers 🙂 You can find anything in the squad and the trash people just trow on the streets! We take some sticks from a broken tent, many shoe laces and pull the cotton strings out of my clothes. The cord of the Chakraftvoll blanket bag works very well!

First time in the street – people look at us as we walk up the main road, carrying an old majonese bucket, filled with a green liquid and sticks with tangled up strings around. It is cloudy, just about to rain, no wind, just a slight breath waving along with pedestrants walking by. We arrive at the square – a lot of space, right next to the shopping street – this might be the perfect spot for our bubbles! Or not? Should we practice somewhere else first? Will we get in trouble?

¡Venga! Let’s just do it 😛

Once the first bubbles fly in the air all doubts are forgotten. It is so much fun to try and create beautifull shimmering soap shapes. Each one is unique!

“Woaow! Look – they  are  making BUBBLES!!”, an excited kid shouts through the street.

Suddenly many children appear from all sides. They are stoked by the colourfull bubbles and have a blast popping them. We let them try, feeling happy about every bubble the little boys and girls make 🙂

Read here, how you can make gigantic Bubbles yourself:

The Super-Bubble Recipe:

1 1/2 teaspoon Salt (6g)
1/2 teaspoon Guar Gum (1.6g)
1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda (1.8g)
1/2 teaspoon Glicerin (5 drops)
70ml Dish Soap (Fairy Original green)
2L Water

..sometimes we just use the “LazyMix”:

1 spoon Guar Gum

100ml Dish Soap

2L Water

When the bubbles become too heavy, add more water. If they pop quickly, add more soap and guar gum. It works even better if you let the guar gum mix sit over night.

(1 L lasts for about an hour of fun)

Take two sticks (e.g. bamboo) and tighten two strings at the ends (Use shrink tube, tape or whatever) One line should be a little less than twice the length of the other. Cotton cords soak the best.

The weather needs to be windless or just a light breeze. Bubbles appear best right after it rains, when the air is humid.

Now you’re ready to go! Have fun playing and becoming a bubbleologist 🙂

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