Boathikers´ Squat -Life in an abandoned Building

Many travellers come to Gibraltar. They hitchhike, perform arts in the streets and live on a low budget. Everybody is carrying different experiences, beliefs and ideas which they share with people on their ways. One thing all have in common, is the appreciation of simple life and exchange through an open heart:

“Take what is good for you and give what is good for others” 

This is the way, life functions in the traveller culture. Good food is being collected from the products ,thrown away by the big consumer markets, and handed out to everyone. Some call it “dumpster diving” others just call it “food recycling”.  Anyways, this is a great way to use food and save it from being dishonourably wasted!

Some people couchsurf, some sleep in the park and others live in the Squat:



We met wonderfull people here in this squat, the Nazareth House and in the library of Mackintosh Hall, where everybody goes to use the free internet. Everybody is helping each other by exchanging information, showing traveller tricks (e.g. the candle) and telling stories about crazy experiences. Sitting in a room lighted by selfmade candles, listening to pleasant guitar music, we celebrated the last evening together, before three Boathikers from Catalonia and Enland left on a boat to the Canaries.

“See you on Christmas! We´ll all have a Canary Christmas Party together”, Aleix (22) proposed.



There is    a house   of Nazareth,     they call    the kitchen of soup.

The Nazareth House is an old school building, close to the squat, where volunteers give out donated food and clothes for everyone who is in need. Each morning around  11 o´clock people from the street, alcoholics and travellers meet here to enjoy a peacefull breakfast together. The concept is:

 “No questions. Just come in, get some food and use the free showers if you want”

Lunchtime – Everybody happy together

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