Cuba Crew – We will sail!

One day walking around, looking for boats in the harbour named “Marina Bay”, a guy walked straight up to us and asked  if we were travellers looking for a boat?!

It was Terry, Captain of the “Common Sense”. He was searching a crew for sailing to the Canary Islands and crossing the Atlantic to try some Mojitos in Cuba ;). Terry (64) is a retired banker and a professional beer-taster from Bunbury, Australia. He likes to surf and to travel around the world with his lovely whife Carol together in their sailboat.

Carol (60) is a retired English teacher, a wonderfull caring woman and a great ship´s cook. We already learned a lot from her about keeping things simple and practical on a boat. This is very important for there is not much space and everything needs to work when hitting the ocean. She is writing a book and runs a blog called “sailignavyblue” about their travel experiences.

Carol, Terry, Johannes, Merli

We are so happy to have met Terry and Carol, getting to know them and to be part of the crew on their boat! 🙂

Since the boat needs a new gearbox, which is not quite easy to get because it has to be shipped from the UK – mainland, we still dont know when we will be ready to leave the harbour of Gibraltar…

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