Big Norwegian Neighbour

Thanks to Sondre, a very friendly guy who is trained on the boat next to us, we got a free tour through the Fully Rigged Ship called “Christian Radich”.

Intresting sidefact: A very special thing about this three mast is the male name which is given by a generous founder,  because usually  all ships are given female names 😉

The sailing vessel was built 1937 for the training of young sailors. Its homeport is Oslo. Right now there are 39 crewmembers on board, which varies all the time.

Technical Facts:

  • Length: 73 m (including bowsprit)
  • Beam: 9,7 m
  • Height: 37,7 m
  • Draft: 4,7 m
  • 27 Sails
  • Sail area: 1360 m²
  • Main engine: Caterpillar 900hk
  • Engine speed: 10 knots
  • Sail speed: 14 knots

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