Caipt´n Lars Ola & his Crew – Sailing Mediterranean H2O

Winter set in –  even Gibraltar got chilly! Hmm.. maybe the Rock has a sort of mysterious weather connection to the Great Brittain mainland.  Or it´s simply because of the cold winds from northwest – no way for sailboats to get out towards the Atlantic.


Ok, we should not complain about 15° :D, but we better got ourselves out of this weather.

Luckily our new friends Lars Ola (30) and Jon (27) from Norway, who had left a couple days before, did not get very far yet. We asked them if they would like to take us as additional crew members and met them in the harbour of Esteponia.

After two sunny, silent saildays we arrived in Malaga. It was a commercial harbour right in the middle of the city. The harbour police directed us to a dock where we moored up beetween a huge sailship and tourist-tour catamarans.

Although we travel away from Panama – Living on a boat is great fun! Especially with wonderfull people 🙂

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