Coffee Cooker Can

You are traveling and crave for a coffee, want to cook some food or just heat anything up. But certainly you didnt bring a Camping Cooker, no gas and for sure no heavy fuel. What are you gonna do then?We met a guy who was carrying a very nice small cooker in his backpack. It is called “Solo Stove”. The clue to it is, that you just burn wood which you find along the way. The burning chamber is designed in a way to get a maximized airflow through the fire. What a great idea! Never heard of something as simple. We need to get something like that!

So we came up with the idea to build a stove ourselves! From inexspensive materials, which you can get anywhere you would possibly travel to?! Ideas like this happen when there is just too much time to do nothing while waiting for something to happen 😀 (e.g. hitchhiking in the dessert).

This is how we made the

“Coffee Cooker Can

This is it –  small pocket version

What you need:

3 different size cans & a pocket knife

Small pocket version:

Take a small corn, mini baked beans and a mini corn can.

You will be able to stick them into each other for a small pack measure if you use 3 differently sized cans.

(You can basicly use any kinds of cans you find – let´s be creative)

How you start:

Open the cans and eat whatever is in there – dont waste Food! 😉

(You may want to take off the paper on the outside before it burns away)


Burning chamber – Take the smallest can and punch as many little wholes in the bottom as you can. Widen them for a lot of air streaming through them later.

Poke a ring of little wholes around the top of the can. Stay  0,5 cm away from the top edge. The heating air will move up through them.




Outside Can – Turn the largest can upside down and cut a whole in the bottom in order to stick the Burning Chamber into it.

Then you cut wholes around the side which stands on the ground now. Cold air will be sucked through these and ascend inbetween the Outside Can and the Burning Chamber as the air around the fire heats up.

Top Can – The last can is supposed to sit on the top and holds the cup, pan, pot or whatever you use for cooking. You cut out the bottom of the can and punch many wholes around the top so the smoke will soar out.


The wood will burn easyly due to the fresh airstream created by the fire itself. Try it 🙂

Now you are able to cook coffee, tee or any kind of food while you´re on the go!

Possible Places to cook something 😛



Roasted Chestnuts


Everywhere in the streets of Spain you´ll find people roasting sweet chestnuts around this time of the year.

After visiting our friends Brennen and Monica they gave us some fresh chestnuts for the way. They are very tasty and provide a good nutrition for starving backpackers like us. It was a great opportunity to roast them with our Coffee Cooker Can.


Instead of a cup, we tryed to set a can with wholes around the bottom ontop of the fire. I guess only the hot smoke needs to contact the nuts untill they crack. Then they are ready.

We accidentally burned them.. :´(

A Spanish traveller gave us the tip that you are supposed to put a little bit of water in the bottom of the chestnut can. We´ll try it the next time and hope to get less crunchy chestnuts 😀

Have fun building, cooking and experimenting with you own  Coffee Cooker Can  🙂

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