Kicked out the Garden

Waking up this morning, a man stood right next to our hamock. He just said: “You can´t be here” in a very British voice. Not even knowing who this strange guy was, we packed our stuff and left the park right away.

After this shock and the notice that we would have to find a new spot to sleep for the next days, we first had to get a freshly brewed coffee to our healthy oat meal breaky 🙂

As soon as we caught the wifi of the Library, an email popped up. It was Terry, a very nice Australian Guy we met the day before. He asked us if we could be at his boat shortly because he, his whife Carol and their guests were about to leave to Sevilla for a couple days. We put our backpacks on immediately and set up a new record sprinting accross the Gibraltar Island to the marina.

Terry and Carol showed us everything we needed to know about their boat, told us to use up the food and left us with the sentence :” See you on Saturday”

So now we are Boatsitters 🙂

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