Locked in the Garden

Somebody told us that one old cannon bunker on the Rock would be a great place for putting up a hamock. But it´s supposedly hard to find. Climbing up the hill with our heavy backpacks we ran into a closed gate. “Oh no”, we had to walk all the way back trying to find an alternative sleeping spot before it got totally dark.  It turned out to be the best that could have happened to us..

Walking through a very nice park looking for some hamock trees suddenly a Mini Cooper drove in the middle of the park and stopped right next to us: “Hey guys, are you planning to sleep here tonight?” We looked at each other and both felt kind of trapped: “Oh no, we are just walking by!” , “Because if you are, it´d be fine with me. I would have to lock you in, but I´ll wake you up at 8 in the morning” We looked at each other again: “Oh yeah, that´d be great! Thank you very much!”

This is how we got the whole Botanic Garden all for ourselves 🙂


Next day we had to get to work. Our new mission:

Finding a Captain who would take us as a Crew on his boat to the Canaries.

This is our resume we placed in the harbour office and gave to people we talked with:


We hope this helps us to get in contact 🙂

Doch wir sind nicht die Einzigen auf der Suche nach einem Boot – der Ordner hat 300 Seiten…

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