Truckers Life – Visiting Barcelona

Waiting more than two hours and the sun disappearing behind the hills we almost lost our hope for a lift. “Last 5 minutes”, Merle called. We wanted to go find a spot to hang our hammock for the night.
Suddenly a truck pulled over and honked the horn. It was Pancho (23). “Come in, don’t be shy!”, he laughed.

It was dark out and we passed the border of Spain. His 9 driving hours were almost full. He had to stop for the night – right in Catalonia – the famous truck stop – La Jonquera. Poncho passed the whole area, drove to a little gas station far out and hid his truck inbetween his colleagues trailers.

“This is kind of a safe spot” ,he said, “if you stay over there you will get robbed or killed”

He offered us to stay with him, sleep in his truck and take off to barcelona the next day. We bought some beers and talked about Macedonia where he lives. Very glad about not having to sleep outside in the cold we climbed up in his small but cosy platform bed.
In the morning Pancho cooked a real trucker breakfast from different cheese, eggs and a special tomato oil sauce – homemade from organic vegetables in Macedonia. It was delicious!

Pancho is a very funny guy and we became friends fast. He did not stop to offer us all kinds of food and macedonian specialtys we have to try. The day we spent in Barcelona together and walked through the city. Pictures can only show a glimpse of the architectual beauty of Barcelona.
Before we had to say Goodbye, Pancho had to promise, to visit us in Germany so we can cook a German breakfast for him.

Time to get to our boat..

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