Pirate Party – Halloween

 We had a great time couchsurfing at Christians place during Halloween 🙂 Christian is a deep, interesting and very welcoming host. Staying with him we met Brennen (Capt´n Starkbard) from Evergreen Colorado who likes to get lost. Check out Capt´n Starkbards Travelblog:  Goandgetlost!

Locked in the Garden

Somebody told us that one old cannon bunker on the Rock would be a great place for putting up a hamock. But it´s supposedly hard to find. Climbing up the hill with our heavy backpacks we ran into a closed gate. “Oh no”, we had to walk all the way back trying to find an…

Welcome to the UK

Arriving in Gibraltar at night we barely made it across the border. Luckily we shortly found a safe hang spot for our hamock. Not being able to walk another step we fell asleep instandly! Having traveled through the dangerous parts of Spain we feel like in a Security Heaven. It is so funny when you…

Dessert, Sweat & Blisters

Where did we land? Our good days have passed – Long ways to walk in the heating sun for bad hitchhiking spots and nobody stopping their car for us. Blisters on the feet make every step a pain in the a..ir. It is hot! 30 degrees and the sweat is running down the stinky road…..

Levante in Alicante

Ein GlĂźck trafen wir auf Mauricio!! Nachdem wir uns vom Hafen in Barcelona aufmachten um weiter zu ziehen, stellten wir fest, dass es sauschwierig ist in Spanien zu trampen.. Wie schwierig es wirklich ist, ahnten wir zu dem Zeitpunkt noch gar nicht, denn bis Alicante kamen wir an dem Tag tätsächlich noch. Zuerst nahm uns…

I’m on a boat B..arcelona

“Hey irgendwie wäre es cool mal an einen Hafen zu kommen und nach Booten Ausschau zu halten 🙂 “ Duschen, ein Bett im Warmen und ein Zwischenstop zum Ankommen und Durchatmen nach den vielen Stunden auf der Autobahn- danach war uns nach den letzten recht kalten Nächten irgendwie mal 🙂 Bei “Couchsurfing” hat uns leider…

Truckers Life – Visiting Barcelona

Waiting more than two hours and the sun disappearing behind the hills we almost lost our hope for a lift. “Last 5 minutes”, Merle called. We wanted to go find a spot to hang our hammock for the night. Suddenly a truck pulled over and honked the horn. It was Pancho (23). “Come in, don’t…

Autostop in France

  Police Control !!! Not for us 😀 Suddenly the gendarmerie appeared and started to pull cars off the road. Nobody would stop for us! We thought, until AndrĂŠ honked the horn of his car right behind us. AndrĂŠ is a very kind, young, french guy. He told us how he changed his life completely:…

Pennern in the trainstation

5:50 the Alarm is on time: “Hey hey, good morning. You’re not allowed to sleep here! The restaurant is gonna open!” Two young security guards trying to stay serious talking to us lying on the floor 😀 Switzerland morning: Coffee, Croissant and Water

Let`s hitchhike to Panama

Bunte Blätter liegen am Boden. Der Wegweiser in Wagersrott zeigt uns wohin (: Grobe Richtung  Panama 🙂 Auf geht es in den Süden. Goodbye Grote Holt Übers Ortsschild in die weite Welt. Ich bin als Zimmermann nicht auf der Walz, doch diese Tradition gehört sich wohl auch für einen unorganisierten Freireisenden. Our first lift 🙂